Bike pictures


This page contains pictures of members bikes. Click on the picture for a full size image.

This is the Chairman's old VFR800. Just painted by Lonsdale Bikes. He has since upgraded to the new Vtec VFR with ABS. He also has a Suzuki SV650S to play on. Dscf0562b.jpg (187308 bytes)

Norma's new Bandit 1200. I know its not a Honda, but she used to have a CB500. Dscf0583b.jpg (202510 bytes)
Geoff & Karen's CBX 550. Also see the misc page for the CBX 500 club rules Geoff has just bought a new Triumph Sprint St. This is the first picture of it (small but we'll sort that out soon)


cbx550.jpg (382626 bytes)Dscf0635a.jpg (777893 bytes)

This Gary - our Runs Co-ordinator - with his  Kawasaki Zephyr 750. He's very proud of it and has just fitted a bikini fairing. Dscf0637a.jpg (832813 bytes)
This was Ian on his Valkyrie. He now has a nice new Gold Wing. Dscf0640a.jpg (819793 bytes)
Steve on his Blackbird with Jim and his Kawasaki ZZR1100 in the background. Dscf0638a.jpg (635398 bytes)
Simon on his new Vtec VFR800
Geoff, our newest recruit used to have a Firestorm till it got stolen. He now has a very nice R1
Andy, our technical advisor, has a very tidy V-Max.
Paul has a very tidy VFR750. One of the original fast ones.
Jay-Jay's award winning CBX-1000