We have one family that has a CBX 550 and is very proud of it (and rightly so). They have stated a CBX500 sub-group and these are the club rules.


All members to have a minimum of three bikes, one on the road, one for standby and the other is to be in boxes in the shed for spares.

Members are to carry an AA recovery/breakdown card at all times.

Steel heels to be fitted to all boots due to poor braking system.

All female pillions to wear furry lucky charm on their backs.

All members to have mechanics home, garage, mobile programmed into phone on speed dial and super speed dial mode.

Accounts at all local spares and accessories shops.

Rides in excess of 150 miles (two wee stops) considered as normal, due to excellent fuel economy.

Pension books and false teeth to be securely fastened at all times.