Rideouts 2003


The Runs for 2003


Contact any of the committee for more details. Click on the map for a larger view. Click on the hyperlink in the Run column to download a map to import into AutoRoute.Note that the maps are compressed to a .zip file, so you need to save them, unzip them and then run them. This is a security feature set by my ISP - sorry.






3-5th Jan

Show Run

Make your way to GMex in Manchester.


Meet at the HOC stand any time

19th January Stoke Winter Run To a cafe in Stoke. About 90 miles. M6/M56 Poplar 2000 Services
9th February Strines About 90 miles. M62 Birch Services E
2nd March Devils Bridge About 150 miles M61 Bolton W Services North
23rd March Ironbridge Very pleasant run. Lots to do when there. 10:00 start. About 160 miles in all M6/M56 Poplar 2000 Services
13th April Squires Cafe About 180 miles. M61 Bolton W Services North
4th May York About 170 miles. Very cultural. Early start (9:00) so we get some time in York. M62 Birch Services E
25th May Shell Island 230 miles. Early start (9:00). M6/M56 Poplar 2000 Services
8th June Brecon Beacons Long ride. Early start (9:00) M6/M56 Poplar 2000 Services
5-6th July 3 Nations Challenge Visit Newtown in England Wales and Scotland in 24 hours. M6/M56 Poplar 2000 Services. Meet at 12:00 - set off after food.
27th July Whitby Long ride (275 miles). 9:30 start.   M62 Birch services East.
17th August Haydon Bridge Excellent roads. 9:30 start. About 250 miles. M61 Bolton W Services North
25th August Cadwell Park We always go here for the BSB round.   M62 Birch Services E
14th September Aberystwyth A nice ride around mid Wales Meet at 9:30 M6/M56 Poplar 2000 Services
5th October The Lost Horizon Tour No maps. Just ride where the roads look twisty. 10:00 start.   M62 Birch Services E
26th October. HOC AGM      
16th November Easy Rider Either Wales or the Peak District, depending on the weather. Meet at 10 am   M6/M56 Poplar 2000 Services
7th December Stoke Toy RUn Starts at Stoke's Millennium Stadium. http://www.stokebikeruns.co.uk M6/M56 Poplar 2000 Services. Meet at 10:00
28th December        

Birch Services on the M62 between J18 and J19

Poplar 2000 services. On the M6 at J20 (Lymm turn off) (M56 J9)

All runs start at 10:30 unless otherwise stated. Do not use the times in AutoRoute as a guide.

Contact any of the committee for more details

Note that we will make every effort to go on the runs unless the weather is dangerous. This means snow, ice and freezing temperatures.