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An occasional picture which needs a caption. If you can think of anything good or funny, send it to

What is Hamlet saying?

Alas poor helmet, I wore it well - from Judy

Look Yoric, just take it off. I can promise you, you won't have helmet hair !! - from John



OK - so, look at the photo below. Name the film that might have these characters as stars

So far:

Scary Movie (from Gary)

The Sopranos (from Michelle)

A Fistful of Euros (from Mandy)

Pulp Fiction - Mr White, Mr Yellow, Mr Black and Mr Woolly (with the sheep !) (from Brian).

The Usual Suspects (Ian)

The Odd Bunch (Ian)


Mandy's new bike. Note the number plate registration. So, can we have some ideas for "LCP"?


So Far:

Lady Coming Past (from Gary - no comment)

Lovely, Cute and Polite (from Brian - well, he would, wouldn't he!)

Little Carrying Potential (smallest pillion seat in the world)

and the winner is:

Large Capacity Plaything (from John - who wins this months prize - a swanburger from Northern Scotland)


Steve just bought a new SP1 - so, why is he not happy ? [See below]

Answers so far:

What's all that smoke about they told me it had one lady owner

Does my bum look big on this ??

Great i've got the bike. If i could only find where the missus has hid my leathers.

Honestly Sue!  I'm not enjoying this one bit