Rideouts 2006

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The Runs for 2006

Contact any of the committee for more details. Click on the map for a larger view. Click on the hyperlink in the Run or Starting column to download a map to import into AutoRoute and an image to view on the screen. Note that the maps are compressed to a .zip file, together with Garmin and TomTom itinerary files, so you will have to save them, unzip them and then you can access the files.

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15th Jan


A short run to get us back into the swing of things. Then back to Gary's to warm up.

M61 Services N

10:30am start.

29th Jan


A good run avoiding A roads where possible.

Birch Services M62 Eastbound


10.30 start

19th Feb

Hawes (Pancake run)

The world famous Pancake run. Not to be missed.

Little Chef car park, off A56, Haslingden

10:30 start

19th March

Ingleton Caves

A tour through the caves and we won't get lost as someone else will leads then....

Little Chef car park, off A56, Haslingden

10:00 start

9th April


Surely Gary can't get lost on an island this small

Poplar 2000 services

10:00 start

30th April

Hadrian's Wall

Get up early to see a big wall in a farmers field

Little Chef car park, off A56, Haslingden

9:30 start

21st May

Stratford upon Avon

Not a play on words, but a play on the bikes !

Poplar 2000 services

10:00 start

11th June

Port Merion

We are not numbers. We are free men. But Gary's number 1

Poplar 2000 services

10:00 start

2nd July

Flamborough Head & Robin Hoods Bay

Anyone for a paddle ?

Forton Services M6 N.

 10:00 am

16th July

HOC Joint lunch



Forton Services M6 N.

 10:00 am

23rd July

Blenheim Palace  (Oxon) or Woodside Falconry

See how the other half live! A long days ride. Alternatively, the Woodside Falconry centre

Birch Services W

9:30 start

13th August

Alnwick Castle

Don't forget your wands for a day of magic and mystery

Forton Services M6 N.

 10:00 am

3rd September

Goathland (Heartbeat country)

Where the cops have old bikes that can't catch you if you're speeding - even Gary!!!

Little Chef car park, off A56, Haslingden

10:00 start

24th September


Pleasant ride to the sands of Wales

Poplar 2000 services

10:00 start

15th October

The Lakes (somewhere)

A nice run over the hills.

Forton Services M6 N.

 10:00 am

5th November

NEC show

Final day - lots of bargains

Straight down the M6

Knutsford Services 10:30

26th November


Lunch is always good here


Poplar 2000 services

10:30 start

17th Dec

Xmas shopping run

Not too far (depending on Gary's routing)


Poplar 2000 services

11:00 start


Note: fill up well before we leave please to save time. We want to try and leave promptly at the time shown above. If you are late, we may go without you.

There has also been talk of a weekend trip to the Isle of Man. Once again, if interested, contact the committee

Birch Services on the M62 between J18 and J19

Poplar 2000 services. On the M6 at J20 (Lymm turn off) or the M56 J9.

M6 Forton services. Between J32 and J33 of the M6.

M61 services. There is only one set of services - just after J6 going North and just after J7 going South.

All runs start at 10:30 unless otherwise stated. Do not use the times in AutoRoute as a guide.

Contact any of the committee for more details

Note that we will make every effort to go on the runs unless the weather is dangerous. This means snow, ice and freezing temperatures.