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This page contains pictures of members bikes. Click on the picture for a full size image. Click on the "Previous" button to see what we used to ride.

The Chairmans FJR. Nice new one for 2007. Also has a Suzuki GT750 being restored. Malcolm and Val bought themselves a Goldwing. I think they are pleased !
Norma's new Bandit 1250. I know its not a Honda, but she used to have a CB500. And now, note the nice new seat colour scheme. This Gary - our Runs Co-ordinator - he now has a very smart FireBlade.
John came by on his new Fireblade. Plus he just bought an FJR (traded in his VFR). So, this is him arriving at mine for a cuppa, looking happy and backing out (where he nearly dropped it!).

Steve on his Blackbird with Jim and his Kawasaki ZZR1100 in the background. Dscf0638a.jpg (635398 bytes)
Geoff & Karen's CBX 550. Also see the misc page for the CBX 500 club rules. Geoff has Triumph Sprint ST and has also got a Daytona.


cbx550.jpg (382626 bytes)Dscf0635a.jpg (777893 bytes)

Andy, our technical advisor, has a very tidy V-Max.
This was Ian on his Valkyrie. He now has a nice new Gold Wing. Dscf0640a.jpg (819793 bytes) Paul has a very nice VFR750. One of the original fast ones.
Simon on his new Vtec VFR800 Mandy's new Triumph Speed Triple.
Gary and Amy on Gary's very tasty red blackbird