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An occasional picture which needs a caption. If you can think of anything good or funny, send it to and they will get published below the photo.

So, tell us why Malc is doing this?

From Brian "Do you like Val's birthday present ??  Special offer at the time, buy one get one free !!!!!!"

From the recent ride to Wales, tell us why Brian did this.

From Malcolm Elliot "'No ,I'm not pissed ! I'm just feeling a little 'light headed'."

From Malcolm Lunn " I'm so chuffed with the new latest crash helmet from Triumph (and it has
a yellow light!)"

This is our rides co-ordinator - give us a good caption.

From Malcolm: "I see Gary is doing his impersonation of the Venus Flytrap again !"

Two lovely ladies standing on the corner - so, lets have some ideas of what they might be saying:

The only response - from Mark "It will take more than a big mac to please these two"


So, send me a good caption for this picture:


From Ian - "Who says size doesn't matter"