Xmas Party

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Last night (for those people awake on Sunday), we had our annual Christmas party. This time we had a new venue - the Waterloo Hotel in Bury. It was very successful and we think we will be using it next year. The food was excellent and there was loads of it (even Gary refused thirds of the mince pies).

We all arrived at around 7:30, food starting turning up around 8:00 (well done to Judy who had the plans of who was eating what) and by 9:30 everyone was stuffed. So, we had the normal awards ceremonies, this year supplemented by a silly quiz. Once that was done, Gary M organised a game for us all to play with balloons and then we finished off with some entertaining dancing to while the night away.

Of course, none of this would make any sense without some pictures - so here they are (there will be more when I get them from Judy)

Arriving and getting the drinks in. We had a slide show going while we were eating.
The tables. It was very cosy. Amy had some very nice hair decorations. Raphael was overdressed as normal.
Eating and drinking took place (as you would expect)
Followed by Gary attempting to steal John's pudding (you have to understand that there is a history between these two over food - I blame society).
At one point, we think Peter fell asleep - be he assures us he was just reading the quiz questions.
Then, on to the awards. Too many to mention individually (you had to be there to appreciate it).

Judy gave us her rendition of the Thunderbirds dance
Then, the fun really started. Gary M showed us this game with balloons - I am still not sure of the purpose, but I think Karen enjoyed it !!!! [So did Gary F]
They even started a train
Malcolm tried to get Norma interested in his - she seems quite shocked by the size.
Then, it juist got really silly
Which was when Gary really began to enjoy it
So we quietened things down with some dancing.
At some stage we got invaded by a tiger (he's been on a pub crawl since midday), but he soon went back to the bar.
The dancing continued until the early hours and we went home.