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NOTE: The Portugal rally has been and gone. We had an excellent time and it can all be seen on the web site at this link

We are now planning for the Italian Lakes in July 2009. If you are interested, please contact Alan (see contact details for emails etc).

This trip is open to all members of MANHOC who are also members of HOC and have been out on at least 4 rides with us (so we can see who you are...). Places will be limited - but nothing is finalised yet.
The plan is leave England on Sunday 19th July 2009. We travel for 4 days (3 nights stay) arriving at Lake Garda in Italy on Wednesday 22nd July. We then stay in 2 or 3 bedroomed chalets for 1 week before travelling back to England to arrive home on Sat 1st or Sunday 2nd August (depending on how long we want to take getting home).
I have attached a copy of the brochure of the place we will be staying. The maximum numbers we can book (assuming no-one else takes it before us) is 1 x 3-bedroomed chalet, 3 x 2-bedroomed chalets (sleeps 4) and 4 x 2-bedroomed chalets (sleeps 3).
I have attached a preliminary spreadsheet with some costs on. I think I have included everything (apart from drinking money) but please make your own mind up if the figures look reasonable. The spreadsheet is adjustable depending on how many people share a bike, share a hotel room or share a chalet. Have a play adjusting the numbers in yellow and see what you think. Click on this link to open it.
I have also done a first pass at a route down there. This is in Autoroute 2006 format click here to download the zip file containing it - so you will need that or later to be able to see it. I have attached a JPG file for those of you without this software - but you can only view it, not change it. To see the route yourself, you need to change some options to avoid motorways for the European bits (I assume we will just get down to Calais as quick as possible). If you don't know how to do this (Route->More options-> Segments- select the European sections and set the preferred option to no motorway), then give me a call and I'll walk you through it.
At the moment, nothing is finalised. I cannot book the chalets until September/October this year, so there is plenty of time to think about it (and save your pennies). Sometime in August we will have a get together of all those interested to discuss options etc.