Xmas Party

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Once again, a fantastic event organised and run by Judy. I thought the little cards with the food you ordered was a wonderful finishing touch!

Anyway, we all arrived at the proper time (OK, one or two a little late) to see the slide show already starting. This kept most people amused while eating - Judy was particularly engrossed. Food and drink was soon flowing well (some of it across our table) and conversation kept up throughout the meal. The food was excellent - well done to the landlord who provided yet another fine repast. Once that was done, Alan stood up to present the "Hondarable Mentions" and the "Sore-Ass" awards - all greeted in fine spirit with much merriment. Some final drinks, a lot more chat and we all disappeared home sometime around midnight.

Thank you all who came and enjoyed it. We will do it again next year

As ever, there was the odd photo or two!

This was how it looked before the hordes arrived - Judy just finishing with the decorations.
We sat down ready to eat
The best view of our chairman - note the natty bow tie!
Then, on with the eating and drinking.
Even Raphael got into the spirit of things with his Christmas outfit.
We cannot have food without John and Gary fighting over the scraps.
Then, on to the awards. Alan got a kiss off the ladies, but ((just) managed to avoid being "got at" by Gary.

Finally some pictures of everyone enjoying themselves.