Xmas Dinner

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We've just had our annual Christmas dinner. This year it was at the Brittania Hotel in Stockport. A great venue, the staff were very helpful, the room was great and the food, excellent. We couldn't have asked for a better dinner. So, here are some pictures and things! More later when I get Judys pictures.

We all met in the bar. Mandy was in high spirits and Keith seemed game for anything.

Before trooping through into the dinner room where we played with the toys before dinner was served.
Silly hats were the order of the day!
Norma started flirting - but was caught, so she had to stop (and looked suitably repentant).
More playing with toys.
Couples (mostly belonging together).

Food, food and more food
Until finally, Tony gets his pot of tea for one!
As always, we have the MANHOC AGM. This takes all of two minutes before we move onto...
THE AWARDS! First, was for everyone who went over to Germany and represented us
We owed a great THANK YOU to Paul and Mandy (especially Mandy) for the venue
The "North Wind" award went to Geoff
The Elegance award went to Alan
The "Elegance around the Waist" award went to Keith
The Bravery award went to Phil (look at his expression!)
We are always happy - but some are happier than others. This year, it's Lyns turn to be extra happy.
We had an "Old Fart" award. There were two winners here - Phil and John. They say it's the expression they always have when getting off a Fireblade - I'm not so sure.
Lastly, the Speedy Gonzales award. Won this year by Tony, who, on one magic ride, was continuously overtaken by cyclists.
The Sore-Ass awards were won by Jean (pillion) and Phil (Rider).
And, lastly, the Chairmans Cup was awarded to Keith, for all the effort he has put in this year.
Once that was over, we had our raffle. The cuddly toy was in great demand, but owing to extreme pressure, was finally won by Karen. We raised 57 for our 2011 celebrations, so thank you all.
Finally, winding down to the witching hour. Lots of chat and drink consumed.