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This page contains pictures of members bikes. Click on the picture for a full size image. Click on the "Previous" button to see what we used to ride.

The Chairmans CBF1000's. Two to be precise.Also has a Suzuki GT750 being restored. Malcolm and Val bought themselves a Goldwing. I think they are pleased !
Norma now has a lovely CBF1000 to play with. This Gary - he had a very smart FireBlade. Now has a CBR1000.This is the only picture I have for now (that's Clive on the right).
John came by on his new Fireblade. Plus he just bought an FJR (traded in his VFR). So, this is him arriving at mine for a cuppa, looking happy and backing out (where he nearly dropped it!).

Steve on his Blackbird with Jim and his Kawasaki ZZR1100 in the background. Dscf0638a.jpg (635398 bytes)
Geoff & Karen's CBX 550. Geoff has Triumph Sprint ST and has also got a Daytona. Recently he was bought an original Speed Triple as he obviously loves Triumphs.


cbx550.jpg (382626 bytes)Dscf0635a.jpg (777893 bytes)

Andy, our technical advisor, has a very tidy V-Max.
This was Ian on his Valkyrie. He now has a nice new Gold Wing. Dscf0640a.jpg (819793 bytes) Paul has a very nice VFR750. One of the original fast ones.
Simon on his new Vtec VFR800 Mandy's new Triumph Speed Triple.