Xmas Dinner

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We had a superb Christmas Dinner party. Attended by 36 of our members and everyone happy. What more could we ask?  Dinner, awards and a raffle - and that was before the serious drinking started.

Well, here's some pictures to remind you of what went on.

The setting was superb. Many thanks to the Brittania Hotel, Stockport for their organisation. Also thanks to Mandy for finding it.
Before we went into dinner, we had drinks and a chat.

And then Paul walked in. Note Jackie's expression - "I'm not with him - honestly!!"
We soon trooped into the dining room and waited for the food.
Meanwhile, the raffle prize table was filling up.
Then the food arrived. Did it stop the flow of conversation? You guess !!!
Mandy - "No, don't take my picture with glasses on." So I didn't. Meanwhile, John was far too interested in dinner to worry about Judy flirting with the cameraman.
Keith and Sam - very much together -  until Keith shows his true colours.
Then irt was time for the awards. Waiting around, and then the chairman stands up.
For organising us all

?Judy “smile, it doesn’t really hurt” Mellor

The Safety award

?Mark “What, me, worry?” Westwell


The threepenny bit award

?Roy “I may not corner, but my bikes are very clean” Tesciuba

Embarrassing moments

?“Bob-in around” Howe

Miserable Git award

?Keith “Barsteward” Ogden

Gluttony award
?Gary “What’s yours is mine” Fisher
Riding excellence
Two winners here
Riding excellence ????????

Geoff "<FORE>" Hoxworth

Shopping around award
Norma “bags-r-us” Brandon
Grin for England award
?Tony “smile for me” Kitchingman
Deserters brigade
?Keith “I’ve always wanted a Triumph” Ogden


Sore-Ass Pillion Award
?Nicola “I’ll try anything once” Brown


Sore-Ass Award
?Phil “Mr. Perfect” Kennedy
Chairmans Cup
?Mandy "always laughing" Musgrove

And more miscellaneous pictures.

No particular order - just people enjoying themselves.