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The participants:

Alan & Norma; John and Judy; Brian and Mandy; Gary; Keith; Malcolm; Derek; Mark & Cath flew out to join us as did Keiths wife, Pam

 The bikes:

We had: A Fireblade, a Pan, a TDM900, 3 FJR 1300ís, a Bandit 1250, a Sprint ST and a Speed Triple. So, not much of a HONDA trip - but we are all members of HOC, so who cares

 The itinerary:

Drive down to Plymouth; over to Santander; 2 nights in pre-booked hotels on the way down; 7 nights in 4 villas (luxury!); 2 nights back up to Santander. Ferry back to the UK and then home.

The pictures

So, in this photo we have:

Keith, Malcolm, Derek, Gary, Alan (kneeling), Mandy, Norma, Judy, John and Brian

In this one, we have:

Alan, Norma, Gary, Judy, John, Cath, Mark, Mandy and Brian.