The Manchester Honda Owners Club

Biking as it is meant to be - FUN!

The club is run by our esteemed chairman, Barry Foster. Barry has been a member for quite a few years now and has taken over the stewardship for now.

Our excellent secretary, Stephen Davenport has been a member since 2000 and has been secretary for around 15 years now (it may be longer, I can’t remember).

The webmaster is Alan Sharkey - so, blame all issues with this site on him.

Finally, we have a social secretary, David Rhodes, who, when he’s not sunning himself in Tenerife, organises things like the Christmas dinner and other social evenings out.

Of course, we would be no-one without all our regular members. Far too many to name them all and you will get to know them as you become friends.

Who are we?