Adhoc Ride Reports

Old Stores Café 18th February 2024


An extra special rideout to meet up with Rich, who is recovering from a knee operation and needed cheering up. It was also a good excuse for a rideout as the weather did not disappoint and was a dry fine 12 degrees all-day. So, our shepherd led us down the famous A49 then onto the A534 to the astonishing and interesting bikers Old Store Café for our meet up. Following a good lunch, back on the bikes, the route took us over the Horse Shoe pass, Llangollen, and onto the back roads to Whitchurch Macs for final coffees cakes, and hugs. No soreass points today, as it was not a programmed ride.  However, Richard did remark that as he had made a special journey by car that he ought to be rewarded by soreass points - no way!!!.  A great pootle around Wales with the occasional warm sun shining on us.


And the video.