Information about the site

Latest update - 24/12/22

1. All the years rides are listed in one place
2. New maps all on the one page. Easy to see.
3. A summary of all our events are here
4. All the GPX files are available for downloading onto your favourite sat nav device
5. Photos from our past and future rides are here in one place and won’t disappear
6. You can view our web sites all the way back to 2002
7. Information about the Buddy System is here
8. The whole site is now protected by a security certificate (https).
9. The committee are named and have photos here so you can recognise them at club nights and rides.
10. You can easily contact any one of the committee using a standard form which doesn't expose email addresses
11. A hidden easter egg page (which you have found) - see right for a witty saying
12. Our logo as the FB logo page.