Ride Reports

Sunday 9th June 2024 to Richmond Castle


Starting from our usual Rising Bridge Macs at an early time of 10.00am. However, on arrival the heavens opened and another round of coffees were ordered. An hour later it was clear and sun on the horizon, and it was back on the bikes and up and over the moors to Skipton. Then up, into the North Yorkshire Park onto the twisting route to Kettlewell, Leyburn and Richmond, ready for lunch at the castle (just take a look at that photo of that fab cake shop for lunch and Rich’s glee)!! With its breathtaking views of the Yorkshire Dales, Richmond Castle fully deserves its place as one of the finest tourist attractions in North Yorkshire. The castle was originally built to subdue the unruly North of England and is one of the greatest Norman fortresses in Britain. The visit included an interactive exhibition of the castle history before taking a peaceful stroll around the secluded Cockpit Garden. Parking was free in the delightful cobble square, full of interesting small shops.  The weather continued to be excellent and the return ride was west, continuing over the beautiful Dales to Hawes, and then it’s that great road to Settle and on to Macs at Clitheroe for final coffee, cakes and hugs. A great day’s ride only to be drenched on the way home from Macs! – you can’t be lucky all day!!


Sunday 19th May 2024 to Lake Vyrnwy


Starting from our usual Poplar Services, but with an earlier departure of 10am. Heading down the lovely A49 to Whitchurch then across on the A495 into the heart of beautiful North Wales on the twisty roads to the scenic Lake, for a hearty lunch by the water. Riding there without a stop, we were ahead of schedule.  So, following a debate it was a change of plan.  It was decided that we would ride lake side north, then over the tight narrow road over the Moel Y Geifr valley – fab, brill scenery but hairy! – (now known as “Richard’s pass”) to Bala. Time for a fuel stop, then it was back on normal winding roads over the moorland mountains to Corwen for afternoon coffee and cakes. The route continued to Llangollen and on into the fast country roads to Mac’s, just outside Whitchurch, for final coffee and cakes and hugs. A glorious day’s riding with surprising temperatures of 19 degrees and hitting a max when we got to Bala of 27 degrees – and without a hint of rain or wind – perfect biking weather and day.

Sunday 28th April 2024 to York Railway Museum


Starting from our usual Rising Bridge Macs, at 10.30am, its was up and over the tops via Harrogate to York on the beautiful A59. Forget the previous day’s actual poor weather forecast, for, though it was cold, the roads were dry the only slight rain of the day was when we approached York. Our Shepherd found a free bike park and again it was free entry to the Museum - being home to iconic locomotives and an unrivalled collection of engineering brilliance, to celebrate the past, present and future of innovation on the railways. There was much to see.  Following a good lunch, it was then back on the bikes via Thirsk and through the Yorkshire Dales to Leyburn for a coffee stop. Now late in the day the beautiful evening sun donned the skies and we had one of the best parts of the day on our Shepherds favourite fab roads from Leyburn, back through Kettlewell and Grassington.  Final stop was A59 to Macs at Clitheroe, for final coffee, cakes and hugs. Another great Manhoc ride out thanks to our Shepherd’s route.

Manhoc ride to Stump Cross Caverns Sunday 7th April 2024

Starting from our usual Rising Bridge Macs at 10.30am, it was up and over into the Yorkshire Dales, in great weather, via Skipton, onto Greenhow Hill for our lunch stop at the Caverns. A visit to the caverns was a must and donning our safety helmets and torches, we headed down 65 steps to the spectacular limestone formations. The passageways leading to the open areas, in parts, were quite tight.  We were treated to fascinating structures, which our guide told us were still evolving.  The cave system is between Wharfedale and Nidderdale in North Yorkshire with one mile open to the public, but extending 4miles.  Formed 5000000yrs ago, and discovered in 1860. Above ground we now found it had been raining but it was straight back on the bikes.  The return route continued over the great biking roads of the National Park, past Bolton Abbey and back onto the A59 to Macs at Clitheroe, BB7 9WF, for final coffee, cakes and hugs. A fun educational ride.

Carrog Station on the Llangollen Railway Line Sunday 17th March 2024


Starting from our usual Poplar Services at 10.30am. Carrog Station is set close to the village of Carrog, in Denbighshire, with its 17th century Dee Bridge, river and mountain vistas and traditional pub. Meticulously, delightfully restored station rebuilt by volunteers, as it was in the 1950s, here can be found a place where time has stood still.  Our route was down the biking A49, right at Whitchurch and onto the winding Holyhead Road to this attractive station cafe. Unfortunately, it was closed, so we made our way to their timeless Grouse Inn. Excellent menu and tables overlooking the picturesque river and bridge. Back was over the Welsh hills, passing Wrexham, but we were running early so “off route we went”, and found some very interesting backroads, which eventually led to and found the Poacher at Chirk for final coffees, cakes and hugs. The weather was very kind with a bit of sun.  It was an excellent, part sunny ride, but no trains to be found!

The World of Wedgewood Sunday 25th February 2024


Starting from our usual Poplar Services at 10.30am sharp, on a cool morning with bright sunshine, as we had an interesting visit to make. It was great to see Rich, without this walking sticks, recovering well after his knee op, waving us off with a tearful eye. Heading south, on great roads through Knutsford, Macclesfield, and over the tops via Leek onto Stoke on Trent. Our lunch and visit at the very posh Wedgewood complex, the gold award winning tourist destination, where there is a multi-experience 45 min. tour. Return ride continued on further excellent roads, winding via Nantwich and Middlewich with a popular stop at The Raven, for final coffee, cakes and hugs. A day without any chance of rain and a great turnout of members with a very welcome for our new ones. Another excellent Manhoc ride out plus another great route from our Shepherd.

Monyash Sunday 4th February 2024


Starting from our usual Poplar Services at 10.30am and just as our last winter ride out, it was only a slightly shorter route than usual, as the days are getting longer. On the road, the gang headed south through Knutsford over the bike heaven, Cat and Fiddle pass, into the Peak District and onwards to the antiquated Old Smithy Café for hearty lunch, in Monyash. Return ride continued on more excellent roads in the southern area of the National Park to Leek, with a coffee and cake stop at the Royal Oak pub, just beyond Rudyard Reservoir.  Then, it was a change of plan, as time was on hand, so our shepherd took us up to Macclesfield on the great twisties to Alderley Edge and then back to Pops for final coffee, cakes and hugs. A good, fresh day’s riding with some quite strong gusts high on the moors. Another fun Manhoc day's ride.

And the video.


Sunday 14th January 2024 ride out to Café 59


Starting from our usual Rising Bridge Macs at 10.30am and as our last winter ride out, it was a shorter route than usual. On the road the gang headed over the great top roads for the bikers Café on the A59, just after the turnoff to Bolton Abbey. But wow, it was a cold one at 3 degrees but with the wind chill it felt much colder, but it was dry with good riding conditions. That was apart from the dangerous low penetrating winter sun, if caught in your eyes you were blinded. After a welcome heartly hot lunch, we decided, (very sensible for Manhoc – look we can do it sometimes!!) to shorten the route due to conditions and ignored riding up the narrow country roads to Pateley Bridge, so kept on the biking roads to biking roads to Long Preston, onto Gisburn, then back to Macs at Clitheroe for final coffee, cakes and hugs. A good fresh day’s riding and no one would not have missed it.

Here's a video taken and processed by our film gurus Rob & Stacey.


Sunday 17th December 2023 Manhoc ride to Rudyard Lake


On a dry winter’s, part sunny, day with a surprising 12 degrees, the gang of 10 riders and 2 pillions headed off from our usual Poplar Services at 10.30am. It was a shorter than usual ride and we headed south via Sandbach and Congleton to the scenic lake where the narrow-gauge steam lakeside station café was the planned lunch stop - but it was closed! However, with a 10minute walk following the railway track, across the lake bridge, we found a welcome at the other café, were we consumed quite large tasty breakfast barms and drinks. Return, was again a shorter run to beat the early winter darkness, but this time via Chelford and back to Pops for final coffee, cakes and hugs. Excellent cheshire biking roads and greetings were given to 3 new riders. Another great Manhoc ride out.