Who are we?

The club is run by our esteemed chairman, Barry Foster. Barry has been a member for quite a few years now and has taken over the stewardship. He is ably assisted (or to put it another way, heckled from the back) by Phil Kennedy.

Our excellent secretary, Malcolm Lunn has just taken over (if you are reading this in 2022) from Stephen Davenport who has stepped down after 20 years in the job (you get less than that for murder).

The webmaster is Alan Sharkey - so, blame all issues with this site on him.

We have a new Press Secretary - Sue Robertson. She will be sending off reports to HOC and bossing the web master around to add new things.

Stephen Davenport hasn't got completely away - he's still our man responsible for social media - that means Facebook (see top right for a link).

Gary Fisher is our rides co-ordinator and ride leader. Occasionally he WILL lead you up the garden path, but we still follow him as he is our HOC Shepherd.

Finally, we have a social secretary, Juels, who, when she’s not zapping around on her bikes (on both sides of the road), organises things like the Christmas dinner and other social evenings out.

If you wish to contact any of the above, we have a nice form you can fill out. Please don't abuse this, or we may get a tad irritated (and you wouldn't want that).

Of course, we would be no-one without all our regular members. Far too many to name them all and you will get to know them as you become friends.
Barry Foster
Barry was co-opted as chairman (although he will say he was coerced) but he's done a fine job so far. As you can see, he does like his food.

Barry doing what Barry does best.
Malcolm Lunn
Malc is a long time ManHOC (and HOC) member who has been through a number of bikes but has settled gracefully on a Gold Wing and a VFR (for now. He can be found nestling in the sands near Southport when he's not on a ride with us.

Malc is the one on the left
Social Secretary
Juels has been with us for quite a while and enjoys life on her little Suzy buzz box.

Here she is photobombing from the front
Press Secretary
Sue Davidson
Sue is our new Press Secretary. So, any news about ManHOC you have for publication, please let her know.

Here's Sue enjoying the sunshine on her lovely machine.
Web master
Alan Sharkey
Alan has been in ManHOC (and HOC) for over 20 years (and doesn't it show!) and has designed and built the web sites since 2002. He's getting pretty good at it now.

Alan with Gary sneaking on
Social Media Secretary
Stephen Davenport
Stephen (Steve to his friends) loves his Hondas and currently has a Yamaha.

In his golden years
Rides Coordinator
Gary Fisher
Follow Gary on any ride and you will have fun fun fun and more fun. But will you ever stop? Who knows.

New bike time !!!
Backup Chairman
Phil Kennedy
What Phil says, Barry does. That's the way ManHOC works these days.

Stripey day